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enrollment is open!

The Rock City Learning Center

At The Rock Church, we have adopted the attitude and the responsibility of being “The Trustees of our Children’s Future.”


We are investing in our children’s precious lives by ensuring that they are:

·      Challenged and strengthened educationally

·      Growing and thriving socially

·      Having fun recreationally


The program details:

·      Currently serving students ages 7-13

·      Designed to bring out the best in our children by enabling them to grow into loving citizens of our beloved community

·      Taught by God-fearing, passionate youth workers in a safe and resourced environment.


If this matches your desire for your child(ren), consider signing your child(ren) up now!

Resources currently offered:

·      Tutoring for Math and Reading

·      Homework Assistance

·      Arts and Crafts

·      Media and Music

·      Content Creation for Social Media

·      Dance

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